Rosemary Prosecco Clementine Jam - Artist Collection


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What could be better than coming out with a killer jam? Finding out that a marvelously talented Bay Area artist, Katrina Hendrix, loves your jam! So, of course, we joined efforts to come out with an Artist Collection label of her own design. 

Please check her and his work out on this website at:

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Inspired by a killer cocktail, we started playing around with these ingredients until we came to a recipe we wanted to let folks try. Once we did, it wasn't too long before this combination made its way to a top 3 seller for us for both retail and food-service use.

Our delicious rosemary prosecco clementine jam is a sweet orange jam with a dry herbal note that is great on cheese plates or as a citrus glaze where orange peels from a marmalade may not be desirable. 

We start with only fresh SoCal clementine mandarin oranges that were hand selected and cleaned by some of our favorite produce distributors that make their way up to the Bay Area. Our recipe uses only clementine oranges, pure cane sugar, a little citrus pectin for gelling, fresh cut rosemary, some prosecco italian sparkling wine and a generous splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice for a little zing to the flavor in this magical combination.

As a huge proponent for all arts, we couldn't help but start a conversation with local Bay Area artists that are producing amazing artwork. The Artist Collection is a special collectible series in conjunction with very talented artists that have picked their favorite flavor jam and designed their own label to showcase their artwork on a different medium. Although these flavors are the same as in our standard collection, 20% of purchase price of this collection of jams goes directly back to the artist in promoting their work. 


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