Sloe Gin Currant Jam


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THIS is a flavor for the ages!! Many thanks to a friend in the UK that turned me on to this wonderful concoction. 

Fans of black currants know the intense and earthy berry flavor this fruit has. Described as an extravagant and distinctly tart berry flavor with reminiscent notes of raspberries and passion fruit, currants are a staple in fruit preserves in many parts of Europe. 

Sloe berries are a fruit from a bush that is astringent as they come, but have a knack for imparting their best fruity features into gin when properly steeped. What remains is a delightfully fruity gin that is also a wonderfully European treat.

So, we went ahead and smashed them up together and are proud to bring you our Sloe Gin Currant Jam!! 

Our deliciously textured jam starts with frozen black currants that are macerated to extract just a bit of juice. To the mix, we add pure cane sugar, some citrus pectin to aid in gelling, a healthy bit of sloe gin and a generous splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice for a little zing to the flavor in this magically intoxicating combination.


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