Cocktail Grapefruit Marmalade


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Hold the phone! You mean there's a grapefruit out there with a peel as thin as an orange? Well then, grapefruit marmalade is on like Donkey Kong!!

Cocktail Grapefruits, also known as Mandelos, are a cross between a pomelo and a mandarin orange resulting in an exceptionally sweet and juicy grapefruit that has a little hint of orange along with the tart and tang of a white grapefruit. Whether on a scone, as a fish glaze, or an ice cream topping, you can't go wrong with this marmalade.

We start with fresh picked cocktail grapefruits that were hand selected and cleaned from trusted growers. Our recipe uses only fresh grapefruits, pure cane sugar and a little citrus pectin to help in the gelling of this magical combination.