Flavor Queen Pluot Jam


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The San Francisco Bay Area is home to many stone fruit farmers who start to peddle their delicious fresh picked fruit come early May at all the local farmers markets with an impressive number of varieties to choose from that aren't readily available in all 50 states. What do you do when you can't decide whether you love plums or apricots, but definitely favor the plum more? You go with a pluot, of course. And of those pluot varieties out there, there is none more delicious than the Flavor Queen Pluot.

Our delicious and chunky Flavor Queen Pluot jam has the skins left in for added texture that is great for just about anything. Whether as a toast spread, a meat glaze, or in the case with the images we shot for this product, a topping for french toast, you definitely can't go wrong with the plum/apricot combination found in this pluot variety.

We start with only fresh picked pluots that were hand selected and cleaned from trusted San Joaquin Valley growers at the farmers markets. Our recipe uses only fresh pluots, pure cane sugar, a bit of citrus pectin to aid in gelling and a generous splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice for a little zing to the flavor in this magical combination.