Lime Marmalade


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Although the lime family has as many varieties as that of the orange and lemon, we love the Persian lime most of all due to its seedless variety with a good amount of size and juice. It was only a matter of time before we tried our hand at a lime marmalade, and this was the year! If you are a marmalade fan, don't miss out on this little gem! It's got all the tart and tang that a traditional orange marmalade will have, but with a surprisingly intense lime flavor.

Our delicious and chunky lime marmalade has the skins left in for added texture and is great for just about anything. Whether as a toast spread or a fish glaze, you definitely can't go wrong with this tangy treat.

We start with fresh picked Persian limes that were hand selected and cleaned from trusted growers. Our recipe uses only fresh limes, a little citrus pectin to aid in gelling and pure cane sugar in this magical combination.