Raspberry Jalapeno Jam - Artist Collection


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After countless requests for a spicy or pepper jam, we are pleased to offer our Raspberry Jalapeno Jam. On the lower end of our pepper jams, this preserve allows the sweet and tarty raspberry to come through before you get a little zing on your tongue that lets you know the jalapenos are there without being overpowering. As a topping for some cream cheese, as a swirl in your greek yogurt or even a glaze applied on a pork loin 10 minutes before being done, you could drive yourself nuts finding new and creative uses for this versatile and delectable jam.

 What could be better than coming out with a killer jam? Finding out that a marvelously talented Bay Area artist, Mary Lawrence, loves your jam! So, of course, we joined efforts to come out with an Artist Collection label of her own design based on the beautiful piece titled Mermaids. Her fire art is awe-inspiring and entrancing.

Please check her and her work out on this website at: http://evolvewithmary.com/

Or follow her on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/evolvewithmary/

Our delicious raspberry jalapeno jam starts with only fresh picked raspberries that were hand selected and cleaned. The recipe uses only fresh raspberries, fresh jalapenos, pure cane sugar, a little citrus pectin to aid in gelling and a generous splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice for a little zing to the flavor in this balanced combination that lends itself to be perfectly paired with just about anything where a sweet and hot flavor is desired. 

As a huge proponent for all arts, we couldn't help but start a conversation with local Bay Area artists that are producing amazing artwork. The Artist Collection is a special collectible series in conjunction with very talented artists that have picked their favorite flavor jam and designed their own label to showcase their artwork on a different medium. Although these flavors are the same as in our standard collection, 20% of purchase price of this collection of jams goes directly back to the artist in promoting their work.