Tangerine Turmeric Marmalade


Over the last two years, we have played around with this flavor in microbatches to test at local craft fairs to rave success. We believe its success is due to it being a sweeter alternative to a traditional sour orange marmalade coupled with the fact that we process the peels a little more so that you don't have large chunks of peel while still getting the texture and added flavor while the turmeric adds a tingle. It is our pleasure to bring you our tangerine turmeric marmalade.

Our delicious and textured tangerine turmeric marmalade has the skins left in for added texture and is great for just about anything. Whether as a toast spread, or anything else you choose to put a dollop on, you definitely can't go wrong with this tangy treat.

We start with fresh picked tangerines that were hand selected and cleaned from trusted growers. Our recipe uses only fresh tangerines, a little citrus pectin to aid in gelling and pure cane sugar in this magical combination.