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Jam Of The Month Club - 6 Month Subscription

$140.00 $165.60

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At Small Batch Jam Co, we love Jam, we love Months and we love Clubs, so we put it all together and came up with the Jam of the Month Club!! 

The JOTM Club gives us the perfect solution to marry our Jam of the Month feature flavors with a 15% discount on the total order including shipping. Along with the discount on the pairing of flavors offered each month, our JOTM Club members will enjoy a 15% discount on any other SBJC products available on our website through a discount code available to them during their subscription period.

The JOTM Club subscription will be billed as a one-time charge for the length of period chosen and will not be automatically renewed. This subscription service can be shipped to either the individual purchasing it or as a gift for someone else. Please feel free to note any requests such as seed/no seed or allergies in the order details for our consideration in pairings. Otherwise, no substitutions, please.

The recipient will receive two different feature flavors each month for the duration of their subscription. The first shipment will be accompanied by a packing slip that will include the sender's info, the recipient's info and the subscription info without any pricing.

Since our orders are fulfilled within a 48 hour period upon receipt of confirmation of payment, please note that the first month of your subscription will be the month in which you initiate the order. All subsequent shipment will occur in the second week of each month.