Small Batch Jam Co is proud to bring you the Jam of the Month Club subscription service in a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month option. Stay tuned on this page for the announcement of future flavor pairings to ship in the coming months!!

For our local Pacifica customers, please email me with your subscription interest so I can pass along our local customer pickup rate.

September 2021 Pairings

Cranberry Cabernet Jam & Concord Grape Jam

For the month of September, we are keeping our feet in Summer while longing for Autumn to make it's appearance. Our Concord Grape jam was introduced last year after many, many customer requests and to rave review. Our Cranberry Cabernet is one of our best selling fall flavors filled with tart and sweet flavors that are perfect for any cheeseboard or turkey sandwich when craving Thanksgiving. Enjoy!!

August 2021 Pairings

Red Chili Mango Jam & Seedless Raspberry Jam

For the month of August, we decided to pair our best selling in their respective categories. Our Red Chili Mango is a wonderful medium heat pepper jam that marries the versatile mango with just enough chili pepper to make your mouth tingle. Great for cheese boards or meat glazes alike. Our Seedless Raspberry is a staple for may fruit butter customers that grew up on a classic they just can't put down but prefer to go seedless. Spread away, my friends. Enjoy!!

July 2021 Pairings

Tangerine Turmeric Marmalade & Apple Butter

For the month of July, we decided to pair our #2 best sellers in their respective categories. Our Tangerine Turmeric Marmalade is a wonderful alternative for those marmalade lovers that enjoy the texture of added citrus peels but crave a slightly sweetener jam flavor. The turmeric is light enough to feel the tingle without distracting too much from the sweet tangerines. Our Apple Butter is a staple for may fruit butter customers that grew up on a classic they just can't put down. Spread away, my friends. Enjoy!!

June 2021 Pairings

Turkish Fig Ginger Jam & Strawberry Lavender Jam

For the month of June, we decided to pair a few top sellers that have been recently flying off the shelves! Our Turkish Fig Ginger jam is usually in our #3 or #4 top seller list year after year, and with so many uses for cheese and charcuterie boards alike, it's a delight to make knowing that it's enjoyed that much. With a full, rich brown turkey fig flavor with just enough ginger to give you a tickly in the back of your throat. Serve as a side spread for your next grilled cheese and you'll thank us later. Our Strawberry Lavender is an exquisite alternative to what somewhat overplayed choice on a standard strawberry jam. The floral offset makes this a wonderful choice for baking, tea parties or ice cream topping. Enjoy!!

May 2021 Pairings

Amaretto Pear Butter & Black Splendor Plum Jam

For the month of May, we decided to pair a few top sellers that you probably wouldn't think twice about buying at first glance, but will be so happy that you tried them! Our amaretto pear butter is a silky smooth fruit preserve, that spreads easily like apple or pumpkin butter, but contains no dairy in it whatsoever. The delicate Bartlett (Williams) pear flavor is complimented by the nutty flavor left behind when the amaretto cooks off for a wonderfully light, and not overly sweet, flavor. Our Black Splendor Plum jam starts with a farmers market favorite plum known for it's berry undertones while keeping the tartness loved by many of traditional black plum jams. Enjoy!!

April 2021 Pairings

Apple Jelly & Cocktail Grapefruit Marmalade

For the month of April, we decided to pair our top sellers of our new flavors to come out this year; Apply Jelly and Cocktail Grapefruit Marmalade. We had received various inquiries on an apple jelly and decided to give it a go with some freshly squeezed unfiltered apple juice from local apples. A little bit tart with a little bit sweet and a whole lotta apple! Our Cocktail Grapefruit Marmalade is the perfect balance between a sweet orange marmalade with a strong grapefruit flavor. The marriage of the sweet and tart has quickly made this a strong seller with our marmalade fans. Enjoy!!

March 2021 Pairings

Raspberry Jalapeño Jam & Orange Chai Jam

For the month of March, we decided to pair two unlikely top sellers. Our Raspberry Jalapeño has been a hit since it first came to market. Our least "hot spicy" option in our pepper jam category lets the raspberry flavor come through before you get a zing on your tongue but watch out for those jalapeño seeds for an extra kick! Our Orange Chai pairs all that we love in the winter holidays with clementine oranges aplenty and the warm holiday sensation of a good chai blend of spices. Enjoy!!