Small Batch Jam Co is proud to bring you the Jam of the Month Club subscription service in a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month option. Stay tuned on this page for the announcement of future flavor pairings to ship in the coming months!!

For our local Pacifica customers, please email me with your subscription interest so I can pass along our local customer pickup rate.

August 2022 Pairings

Spiced Pear Vanilla Jam & Apricot Brandy Jam

For the month of August, we wanted to bring back a much loved flavor that reminds us of all things autumn and holiday spices: Spiced Pear Vanilla Jam. These perfectly ripened Bartlett Pears take on a whole new level of yumminess with a little vanilla bean and cloves. Not ready to leave spring behind? Our Apricot Brandy is just the ticket to keep you right where you want to be. Enjoy!!

July 2022 Pairings

Shiro Plum Jam & Yellow Peach Jam

For the month of July, we were all about stone fruit!! Surely to be a hit on your next cheese board, our debut of Shiro Plum Jam was a no-doubter that it will be staple moving forward. With a classic tart plum flavor and a bright color that invokes citrusy notes, this one is definitely a keeper! And you just can't go wrong with a bright and tart yellow peach jam that just screams "SUMMER". Enjoy!!

June 2022 Pairings

Mission Fig Rosemary Jam & Seedless Blackberry Jam

For the month of June, we are excited at the first of the Black Mission Figs to hit the markets for the year, so we are going with one of our huge fig sellers: the Mission Fig Rosemary Jam. Surely to be a hit on your next cheese board. In our seedless category, our Seedless Blackberry is king, and with the start of berry season in tow, this is another flavor you can't go wrong with. Enjoy!!

May 2022 Pairings

Strawberry Lavender Jam & Lisbon Lemon Jam

For the month of May, we are bringing a hint of summer as we anxiously await the bounty that season provides. Our Strawberry Lavender Jam continues to be one of our top sellers due to its wonderfully floral notes. This goes great with any soft mild cheeses, tea service and especially savory breads. Our Lisbon Lemon Jam is perfect for anyone that loves lemon curd but wants to do without the dairy. Amazingly tart without the bitterness or texture of a marmalade. Enjoy!!

April 2022 Pairings

Papaya Habañero Jam & Pink Grapefruit Vanilla Jam

For the month of April, we decided to bring back one of our fan favorites from 2018 to add to the pepper jam category: Papaya Habañero Jam. This mid-to-hot pepper jam will surely spice up your charcuterie board with a tropical kick. Great for smooth and mild cheeses. Our Pink Grapefruit Vanilla jam is a fan favorite that is quick to get a number of requests as soon as it sells out. The bright and tart pink grapefruit gets rounded out nicely with the warmth and sweetness of the vanilla bean. Enjoy!!

March 2022 Pairings

Flavor Queen Pluot Jam & Ginger Pear Butter

For the month of March, we decided to pair two of our more up and coming best sellers: Flavor Queen Pluot Jam and Ginger Pear Butter. Beautifully plum tart with just the right amount of apricot sweetness, this gem of a fruit makes incredible jam for topping a short stack of pancakes or a warm scone. With pear being such a delicate flavor, ginger manages to compliment those floral tones with a little zing that most find incredibly appealing. Enjoy!!