Small Batch Jam Co is proud to bring you the Jam of the Month Club subscription service in a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month option. Stay tuned on this page for the announcement of future flavor pairings to ship in the coming months!!

For our local Pacifica customers, please email me with your subscription interest so I can pass along our local customer pickup rate.

December 2021 Pairings

Seedless Boysenberry Jam & Mango Jam*

For the month of December, we our top selling seedless jam alongside one of our top selling tropical flavors. Boysenberries, being a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry, have the best of both worlds with a sweet touch. Great for PB&J and vanilla ice cream topping, this jam is also an excellent pair with brie cheese. Our Mango jam is a smooth textured jam that spreads easily and packs a good mango flavored punch also perfect for mixing in any hot beverage for a bit of mango anywhere. Enjoy!!

* Due to the overwhelming number of new subscriptions that exceeded the amount of Mango Jam we had available, new subscriptions shipping as of 12/21 through the end of the year will be receiving Passion Fruit Jam instead.

November 2021 Pairings

Raspberry Jalapeño Jam & Prickly Pear Jam

For the month of November, we are enjoying the abundance of both peppers and prickly pear cactus fruit that are at the produce markets! So, we paired our two best sellers in that category. Our Raspberry Jalapeño Jam is a mild to medium spicy jam that is perfect for cream cheese, yogurt, charcuterie boards and even meat glazes. Our Prickly Pear Jam is a favorite in the SW region where these cactus grow and prove to offer a very unique flavor. Enjoy!!

October 2021 Pairings

Spiced Apple Date Jam & Quince Lemon Marmalade

For the month of October, we are embracing all the apples and quince that Autumn brings us. Our Spiced Apple Date Jam is a crowd favorite this time of year. The chunky textured jam is one of our lower added sugar recipes thanks to the dates and has been described by many as an "apple pie in a jar." Our Quince Lemon Marmalade was a combination recommended by a good friend that grew up in Italy. The sweet and tart flavors from the individual fruits pairs well together and has been loved by many since its debut in 2019. Enjoy!!

September 2021 Pairings

Cranberry Cabernet Jam & Concord Grape Jam

For the month of September, we are keeping our feet in Summer while longing for Autumn to make it's appearance. Our Concord Grape jam was introduced last year after many, many customer requests and to rave review. Our Cranberry Cabernet is one of our best selling fall flavors filled with tart and sweet flavors that are perfect for any cheeseboard or turkey sandwich when craving Thanksgiving. Enjoy!!

August 2021 Pairings

Red Chili Mango Jam & Seedless Raspberry Jam

For the month of August, we decided to pair our best selling in their respective categories. Our Red Chili Mango is a wonderful medium heat pepper jam that marries the versatile mango with just enough chili pepper to make your mouth tingle. Great for cheese boards or meat glazes alike. Our Seedless Raspberry is a staple for may fruit butter customers that grew up on a classic they just can't put down but prefer to go seedless. Spread away, my friends. Enjoy!!

July 2021 Pairings

Tangerine Turmeric Marmalade & Apple Butter

For the month of July, we decided to pair our #2 best sellers in their respective categories. Our Tangerine Turmeric Marmalade is a wonderful alternative for those marmalade lovers that enjoy the texture of added citrus peels but crave a slightly sweetener jam flavor. The turmeric is light enough to feel the tingle without distracting too much from the sweet tangerines. Our Apple Butter is a staple for may fruit butter customers that grew up on a classic they just can't put down. Spread away, my friends. Enjoy!!