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Elephant Heart Plum Jam


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The Elephant Heart is a Japanese plum variety that is truly a farmer's market favorite. Its sweet, ruby red flesh and distinct coloring with a heart shape allow it to stand out from the other plum varieties. With this freestone variety, all it takes is one bite, and you're hooked for life!!

Our delicious and chunky Elephant Heart Plum jam has the skins left in for added texture and is great for just about anything. Whether as a toast spread, a fish glaze, or in the case with the images we shot for this product, a spread for homemade scones, you'll find that jar empty before you know it.

We start with fresh picked elephant heart plums from the San Joaquin Valley that were hand selected and cleaned from trusted stone fruit orchards. Our recipe uses only fresh elephant heart plums, fresh squeezed lemon juice and pure cane sugar in this delightful combination that screams late summer harvest.

Although our recipe calls for longer cooking times since this is a pectin free recipe, we think you'll agree that the time was well spent with each delicious spoonful in this 6.5oz jar. Enjoy!!
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