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A Word From Our Spokesperson

Hi everyone. Wenceslas, the raven, here. I wanted to just take a moment to thank everyone for checking out our website. When not performing my duties as spokesperson on the Small Batch Jam Co.'s website and product labels, I enjoy mingling with other birds and scoping out for newly washed cars in parking lots.

Let me tell you that I'm living the lap of luxury since SBJC signed me up! All those dairy commercials of happy cows in California are no joke, cause it IS that nice here and that makes for happy ravens as well. It sure beats my last gig while still living in Baltimore, MD for the Church of Ravenology. Here's a pic of me while I was working over a passer by...

Anyway, I'm glad to be done with that and living the life of luxury out in Pacifica, CA with all the other ravens in the neighborhood. Please be sure to say hello next time you see me around, as I love fans!!

Oh, and be sure to check back on our website often for new products and specials! Thanks for your time, folks!!


Wencenlas, The Raven