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Earl Grey Bergamot Marmalade


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Earl Grey Tea has always been one of our go-to flavors especially when wanting a nice English tea with milk  sweetened with a spoonful of sugar. The floral orange note in the tea comes from a citrus delicacy, the Bergamot Sour Orange. Although considered a huge commercial crop in Europe for the essential oil market, we were very fortunate to come across a California grower that we were able to secure a good amount to play with this winter.

Since we didn't want to overpower the tea, we opted for processing the oranges as a puree while setting aside the peels for traditional long slivers that were added back into the mix during cooking. This delicious concoction is more of a spreadable jam texture with added hand-cut slivers of orange peel but was not made to have the thicker marmalade texture.

We start with fresh picked Bergamot sour oranges that were hand selected and cleaned from trusted Fresno Valley growers. Our recipe uses only fresh bergamots, a fresh steeped earl grey tea concentrate, a little citrus pectin to aid in gelling and pure cane sugar in this magical combination.