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Feijoa Jam


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If I only had a nickel for every time someone at our craft fairs asked "What's a fay...??"

Pronounced "fay-JOE-ah", and also known as a pineapple guava in some parts of the US, the Feijoa is a small tropical fruit from South America that is neither related to the pineapple or the guava. It does, however, have a tropical flavor profile that can best be described as kiwi, pear and mint rolled up into one. With the peel giving it's rustic texture and minty flavor, we have found that the Bay Area is filled with pockets of neighborhoods that have these wonderful fruit growing plentifully. 

Our delicious jam starts with chunky feijoa from the Sebastopol, CA area. The recipe uses only fresh feijoa, pure cane sugar and a generous splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice for a little zing to the flavor in this magical combination.