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Handmade SBJC Slimline Coffee Mug - Black 14 oz.

$25.00 $30.00

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Love our stuff AND love our logo?? Well, say no more and let us introduce you to our new SBJC coffee mug brought to you with the help our friends over at Grey Fox Pottery in Minneapolis, MN. 

Enjoy a cup of coffee with a unique touch! Our Handmade SBJC Slimline Coffee Mug is crafted by hand and made with stoneware to give you an unforgettable coffee-sipping experience. With a sleek black design, it'll elevate your favorite morning, midday or evening beverage to the next level!

This awesome Slimline model mug is 14 oz. of 100% handmade pottery that features a generous handle and a swirly-thing on the bottom of the inside that I imagine can only make your favorite beverage even more delicious. Dishwasher safe and microwave safe.