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Pink Guava Jam


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Being a first generation born American of Cuban descent, I was blessed with having all the same Cuban comfort foods at my home growing up in Miami as my parents did in their country. Guava was just one of those exotic fruits that were expected to be had in every Miami household either in fresh fruit, shakes/smoothies and/or in paste for eating with cheese as dessert. You could imagine my surprise when I came across a San Joaquin Valley grower that has a few trees of pink guava and is selling at my local farmer's market! I'm sure I bought their whole lot the first time through and have been a regular customer ever since!!

Our delicious pink guava jam is a smooth spread that captures the intense exotic flavor of the guava with a spectacular ruby red color that just looks great on just about everything. On this product shot, we went with a vanilla flavored greek yogurt with the guava jam and a sprinkling of chia seeds for a little texture.

We start with fresh picked pink guavas that were hand selected and cleaned from my favorite farm in the San Joaquin valley. Our recipe uses only fresh guavas, fresh squeezed lemon juice, a bit of citrus pectin to aid in gelling and pure cane sugar in this delightful combination that brings a tropical flavor to just about anything.