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Quince Lemon Marmalade


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We love hearing about unique jam flavors from our customers that lived abroad and what combinations are popular in other countries. This next addition to our lineup comes from a suggestion from a dear friend from Italy that grew up having cotogna apple (quince) and lemon jam. After playing around with a recipe that we both liked, we can clearly see why he was a fan.

Our delicious Quince Lemon marmalade has a smoother texture with tiny bits of meyer lemon peel that is great for just about anything. Perfect with a scone during tea service, you definitely can't go wrong with this tangy treat.

We start with fresh picked Quince and Meyer lemons that were hand selected and cleaned from trusted organic growers. Our recipe uses only fresh Quince, Meyer lemons, a little citrus pectin to aid in gelling and pure cane sugar in this magical combination.