Tayberry Jam - Reserve Collection


Our delicious tayberry jam is a seeded jam for added texture that is great for just about anything. Whether it's an alternate choice for a PB&J, as an ice cream topping or just out of the jar in spoons, we made sure to add just enough sugar to have the jam keep while letting the berry flavor shine like a rockstar. 

Tayberries were a blackberry/raspberry variety developed in Scotland in 1979 and named after the River Tay. These wonderful berries have a distinctive raspberry flavor with a hint more of tartness.

We start with hand selected fruit by a local grower in the Pescadero, CA area. Our recipe uses only fresh frozen tayberries, pure cane sugar, a little citrus pectin for help with gelling and a generous splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice for a little zing to the flavor in this magical combination.

Our Reserve Collection is a limited production fruit preserve series made up of customer requests that usually involve premium fruit that sells at a premium and takes a little more effort to procure and process compared to our standard line of preserves. We are certain that you'll find these high quality preserves worthy of their own label design and price premium. Enjoy!!